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Severe mental disorders: symptoms and treatment
Mental disorders are horrible. People are afraid to lose control over their own mind, and older people are the most worried due to their high vulnerability to various deviations.
In general the situation looks better today with new powerful medications and therapy developed specifically to prevent brain disease, people still get sick.
s say that the main thing here is to detect first symptoms right. Regardless of age it is possible to stop or even reverse the degradation.
Here are the most common brain disorders we are going to talk about in this review:
● Dementia
● Parkinson’s disease or PD
● Alzheimer’s disease or AD
According to the definition from the World Health Organization (WHO) dementia is a syndrome accompanied with partial or complete loss of memory, behavioral and thinking disorder. It is a very typical illness for people in their 70's and older, but it can also hurt young people.
there is a stereotype that such disorders are a natural part of ageing process, but medical specialists and scientists do not agree. They claim that dementia is an abnormality that should be treated.
Here are the symptoms of this dangerous disorder:
1. Oblivion and absence of mind are very bad signs. If you feel that you cannot remember something from very recent past, you’d better ring the alarm. Luckily, there are good preparations on market that can help in this early stage such as requip or arisept. Please consult your therapist firstly.
2. If you lose track of time and it happens more or less regularly, you have a good reason to check your health.
3. The most obvious sign of serious mental issues is when you lose orientation in the environment you know well. For example, you walk out of the grocery’s and cannot find the way home. Only timely used dementia medications can help in this case.
Of course, we cannot diagnose anything only operating with the information from our review. We cannot advise and treatments either since it is the competence of your therapist.
Please always firstly contact your doctor prior to purchasing any drugs.
In our online pharmacy we offer a great deal of preparations for people suffering from dementia: levodopa, dopamine preparations and many more. Buy cheap dementia drugs without prescription and receive these right to your door within several days only.
Parkinson’s disease
No doubts, that PD is one of the scariest degenerative neural disorders. It includes serious muscle and reflexes disorder as well.
The sickness is named after James Parkinson - a British scientist who did a great investigation dedicated to rigor tremens.
The symptoms of PD are very clear. These include tremor of hands and head, sometimes nausea. Sometimes people ask if there are any earlier symptoms that can help a sick person avoid rapid disorder development, and to answer this questions we need to take a look into the work of James Parkinson. Parkinson described PD more than 200 years ago - in 1817.
According to his opinion, early symptoms can be: slow thinking, when thoughts “move” with great resistance; indifferent of a person to his or her life; long depression (a real depression with clear symptoms that requires a particular drug) and some more. If you are interested, we highly recommend you read more about PD and especially about the research of James Parkinson.
In the late stages coordination between different parts of human body is totally destructed. Even big doses and top quality medicines would hardly bring any positive results here.
Our main recommendation is to treat any disorder as soon as you notice that something is wrong - the risk is very high. With PD this is particularly important.
Scientists have been studying suich diseases for many years. They have developed and put in production many effective preparations like donepezil, kemadrin, galantamine and others. New medicines keep on appearing, new methods are being created. Never give up!
Parkinson’s disease treatment is getting more and more efficient. If you check new medical articles with the results of latest research you will see it.
Speaking about drug treatment Parkinson’s we should add some more medications to the ones mentioned before: memantine for better memory, rivastigmine etc.
Alzheimer’s disease
Just like PD Alzheimer’s disease is named after a scientist - a german psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer who spent several years on studying that severe disorder. AD is known due to the sad fact that it starts with very hard to notice symptoms which are usually ignored.
For example, Alzheimer was sure that even minor issues with remembering and especially recalling things can be a bad symptom. Patients also complained that they occasionally forget how to spell some words, and according to Alois Alzheimer it is a serious symptom too. Such things do not bother you too much, but they mean that you must react as fast as possible and to request your therapist to diagnose you.
What’s more, Alzheimer also discovered vascular dementia which is a subtype of AD.
Alzheimer’s disease treatment should be timely and complex. Unfortunately, by now there are no treatments with 100% efficiency. There are only the treatments allowing to slow down the development of the disorder and to maintain more or less normal state of a patient.
Neurodegenerative disorders are impossible to cure at all, despite top scientists do their best to find new medicines and procedures. There is some progress, of course, but we cannot boast any breakthrough yet.
By the way, irregular dizziness and all kinds of hallucinations can also be caused by AD. Right medications can help a person lead normal life much longer. Cholinesterase inhibitors, amantadine and more drugs alzheimer's dementia can be purchased in our online pharmacy at reasonable price. We provide free and fast shipping, all our goods are packed in the most anonymous way.
Check the range of our drugs and feel free to contact us in case of any questions or confusion. We are a customer friendly online pharmacy with attractive prices and unbeaten selection of the best medical preparations.

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