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Modern lifestyle imposes its common rules on everyone. We have to do everything on the run and use every minute of our time to perform work or other tasks. Constant lack of time together with endless pressure and stress hurt our health a lot. Stomach is one of the most vulnerable parts of our body. Here are the main reasons of why so many people suffer from gastritis and have to take various medicine like imodium or hedonzal:
1. We eat too much fast food and premade meals (mostly fried). Such products are dangerous not only due to rather poor nutrition characteristics - these can be of quite a low quality and contain potentially dangerous bacteria like salmonella. Finally, too much of food fried with old and cheap oil lead to diarrhea and all kinds of intestinal issues.
2. General quality of food is much lower than in the past due to new substances which substitute natural ingredients. Take a look at what bread consists of when you go to a supermarket next time. The same is with fruit and vegetables where huge amount of pesticides causes allergy and intestinal disorders.
3. Various infections may cause serious stomachache or even a serious disorder that would be hard to treat.
So let’s talk about the most common intestinal diseases, learn more about their nature and how to treat these.
This is a disorder known to people of any age. Even school kids take asacol and other medications to relieve pain and discomfort. Students and people who work a lot often suffer from this disorder. It develops rapidly and it’s impossible to diagnose it before first serious symptoms occur:

● Abdomen heaviness, especially after bigger meal like lunch
● Nausea or even vomiting shortly after meal
● Decreased appetite
● Bad taste in mouth and throat

Actually, there are many more signs of gastritis, but we have enlisted the most obvious ones. It is very important to visit a doctor at the early stage of the disease since later it will be incredibly difficult to fully recover.
In our online pharmacy we have the best medicine gastritis available without prescriptions and with very fast shipping right to your door. Consult your therapist, choose the proper treatment and place an order. There are many powerful preparations in our range like azulfidine, misoprostol and more.
You should know that acute gastritis treatment can be long and difficult for a patient. It is easy today to gastritis pill buy, but the thing is that one has to find the right medical procedures and preparation. We do not support self-curing, but we can offer the widest range of top quality preparations your therapist recommend.
You should be aware that gastritis goes side by side with serious risk of turning into something far more serious and chronic. Gastric erosion, ulcer, pancreatitis, tissue necrosis and many more are often consequences of gastritis.
If you feel acute intestinal pain and observe other symptoms of intestinal disorder, please do not waste your time and ask for medical help. There can be different reasons for that including inflammatory disorders, bacterial infection or anything else that would be hard to treat on later stages.
This is an inflammatory disease usually treated with antibiotics and/or powerful preparations, such as sucralfate which is also prescribed for stress ulcer. Speaking about medication gastroenteritis we should note that only a qualified doctor can select the most suitable preparation and dose, we do not advise you doing such things yourself.
We offer the whole range of prescription drugs gastroenteritis in our online pharmacy available for fast shipping. Don’t waste time in queues - just order online and get the needed drugs within few days.
By the way, gastroenteritis may have parasitic nature as well which can be discovered with an endoscopy procedure. Such symptoms like intestine burning and heartburn. If you feel nausea and suffer from hot pain in chest you’d better consult your therapist as soon as possible. Only your therapist can prescribe the right viral gastroenteritis treatment.
Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria known to every gastroenterologist. This bacteria is the cause of ulcer which is second most popular digestive disorder in the world. Ulcer used to be typical for people addicted to alcohol and tobacco, but today the main reason of such a huge number of sick men and women is stress.
Stress ulcer is considered as a separate kind of the sickness by some medical specialists. A toxin or virus cannot hurt a healthy organism, but what healthy organism a tired and stressed person can have?
Fortunately, ulcer treatment is a standard and effective procedure including use of appropriate medications and (if possible) lack of stress. But even if you recovered from ulcer you should remain cautious for the rest of your life. This sickness can return at literally any moment.
Here are some recommendations allowing to avoid ulcer backset:
● It is better to eat oftener with small portions
● Drink more water and less coffee, alcohol and soda
● Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of pure water every day
● Quit smoking - cigarettes contain a lot of harmful substances able to cause acute pain and backset of the disorder
● Remember that if you do not treat ulcer it can lead to anemia

General recommendations
Gastrointestinal tract is a vulnerable part of our organism. Problems with bile production, acute intestinal pain or a sudden rotavirus can be very disturbing and have serious consequences in future if these are not treated timely. Occasional intestinal gas can seem to be not too bothering, but it can also be a bad sign for your health - it can even mean a chronic illness you are unaware of! For example, it can be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome and you’d better to not neglect such things.
In certain cases intestinal discomfort can be caused by recent vaccines or histamine intolerance. The latter is something like an intestinal allergy for certain food.
Check the range of medical preparations we offer. We bet you will like prices and delivery time. And don’t worry about prescriptions - you don’t need these here!

Generic Asacol is a high-quality medication which is taken in treatment of ulcerative colitis, proctitis, and proctosigmoiditis. Generic Asacol is also used to prevent the symptoms of ulcerative colitis from recurring. Generic Asacol acts by affecting a substance in the body that causes inflammation, tissue damage, and diarrhea. More info

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Ayurleaf® Diagexo is a complete and wholesome formulation for a long-term healing of the digestive system. The remedy, enriched with a powerful ayurvedic combination of herbs, is the best natural solution for a wide range of digestive problems, including indigestion, flatulence, bloating, ulcers, diarrhea, and constipation, contributing to a balanced digestion and elimination. More info

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Ayurleaf® Hedonzal is an effective remedy for the external and internal hemorrhoid made of the powerful herbs having a positive effect in the treatment of piles’ conditions. Ayurleaf® Hedonzal offers a long-term solution to reduce itching, inflammation, bleeding, and constipation associated with chronic piles. The product is best suited for adults and is not advised for use in children. More info

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Ayurleaf® Livonex is an advanced herbal supplement that improves liver health and function. It is useful in the treatment various liver and spleen disorders. The supplement is beneficial in detoxification, cleansing, and rejuvenation of the liver and can also support the body's recovery from excessive alcohol or drug usage. More info

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Ayurleaf® Trikatu is a herbal combination formulated to support a proper functioning of the entire digestive system that helps promote the absorption of nutrients, remove toxins from the body, and cure gastrointestinal problems like constipation, bloating, indigestion and loss of appetite. The remedy is best suited for patients over 14 years of age. More info

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Ayurleaf® Triphala is an effective gastrokinetic cleanser loaded with the goodness of herbs to tone the gastrointestinal tract, detoxify the whole body, and boost the functioning of the digestive system providing a relief of constipation, bloating, and gas. The herbal remedy is beneficial in patients over 14 years of age. More info

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Ayush Herbs® Bilwa Digestion & Diarrhoea & Dysentery is a nutritional supplement formulated for digestive support. The systematic intake of these capsules enhances metabolism, helps the body get rid of intestinal worms, normalizes appetite, and relieves nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, intestinal inflammation, and indigestion among other common digestive problems. Ayush Herbs® Bilwa Digestion & Diarrhoea & Dysentery is made of pure herbal ingredients and safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® Buhi Amla Hepo Forte Jaundice is a nutritional supplement for liver and kidney health. It is primarily used to relieve jaundice symptoms, but is also very beneficial for people suffering from hepatitis, hepatopathy, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and anemia. Used daily, these capsules support liver and kidneys, detoxify them, and aid in digestive processes. Infused with pure extracts of Ayurvedic herbs. Safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® Easy Lax Trifla Bowel Regulator is a herbal supplement formulated specifically for gastrointestinal (GI) tract support. It works as a gentle laxative, immune stimulator, and colon cleanser. These capsules improve digestion, promote immune function, relieve constipation, and prevent abdominal discomfort. Made of organic Ayurvedic herbs, non habit-forming, and safe for long-term use. More info

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Ayush Herbs® GI Forte Intestinal Support is a nutritional supplement for digestive health. The regular use of this supplement drastically improves health, boosts metabolism, normalizes digestion, and helps to loose the unnecessary body weight safely and naturally. These capsules are made of natural Ayurvedic herbs and completely safe for long-term use. More info

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Generic Azulfidine is used for the treatment of mild to moderate ulcerative colitis, as adjunctive therapy (with other medications) in the treatment of severe ulcerative colitis, for the treatment of Crohn's disease, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. More info

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Generic Imodium is a high-quality medication which is taken in treatment of diarrhea, including Traveler's Diarrhea. Generic Imodium acts by slowing the activity of the intestines and affecting the movement of water and chemicals through the bowel. More info

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Generic Motilium is a medicine that increases the movements or contractions of the stomach and bowel. Generic Motilium is also used to treat nausea and vomiting caused by other drugs used to treat Parkinson's Disease. More info

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Organic India® Bowelcare is a nutritional supplement used to support bowel and overall health conditions in people suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), indigestion, dyspepsia, and hyperacidity. If used daily, Organic India® Bowelcare relieves such symptoms as stomachache, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation. Contains certified organic herbal extracts. Vegetarian and safe for long-term use. More info

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Organic India® Liver Kidney Care is a herbal dietary supplement made for liver and kidney support. It is used to improve health conditions in people suffering from hepatitis, jaundice, hepatopathy, fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and anemia. Contains certified organic components. Vegetarian and safe for long-term use. More info

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Organic India® Triphala is a herbal supplement developed for gastrointestinal (GI) tract support. It works as a colon cleanser thereby improving the GI tract function and relieving constipation, gas, indigestion, and upset stomach. Organic India® Triphala also boosts immune system, prevents common colds, and beneficially affects eyesight. Vegan and made of organic certified herbs. More info

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Organic India® Tulsi Cleanse Tea is a natural herbal tea formulated to support liver & kidney function, detoxify human body, and promote healthy digestion. Contains pure certified organic herbs and extracts. Gluten- and theine-free. Has delicious spicy taste with a hint of bitterness. More info

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Organic India® Tulsi Tummy Tea is a natural herbal tea developed for digestive support. The daily intake of Organic India® Tulsi Tummy Tea supports GI tract, boosts metabolism, and ensures healthy nutrition. Gluten- and theine-free certified organic blend. Has fresh minty flavour with a hint of spicy ginger and cinnamon. More info

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Organic India® Whole Husk Psyllium is a dietary supplement containing 100% certified organic fiber. If taken daily, Organic India® Whole Husk Psyllium supports digestive health and promotes regular bowel elimination. Beneficially affects health condition and prevents constipation in adults and teenagers over 12 years of age. Gluten- and sugar-free. More info

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Generic Reglan is used for short term treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in certain patients who do not respond to other therapy. It is used to treat symptoms of a certain digestive problem in diabetic patients (diabetic gastroparesis). More info

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Triphala is a herbal medicine which provides overall support for the digestive function and helps ensure that the digestive tract works at the optimal level. Triphala aids digestion and relieves constipation. It regularizes the digestive system. More info

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Generic Zofran is used for preventing nausea and vomiting due to cancer chemotherapy or surgery. It may also be used for other conditions. More info

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